REFEDS is looking for proposals to support the following workareas in 2017.  Further details can be found on the REFEDS 2017 Workplan.  Proposals for the following areas are sought:

  • Support for Specialist Working Groups and REFEDS Communication: To provide secretarial support for the REFEDS Working Groups.
    To support REFEDS in engaging with publishers and developing REFEDS work areas that can support publishers – with a specific focus on discovery.
    To develop a specification for a Federation Service Catalogue based on community requirements.
  • Support for REFEDS Standards and Specifications:
    To provide support for REFEDS specifications going through the RFC process, including the open SAML Entity Category and MDA drafts.
    To support REFEDS in developing a Federation Metadata Submission API standard in partnership with Federation Operators across the globe.
  • Support for the REFEDS MET Tool:
    To provide general support, bug fixes and new feature developments for the REFEDS MET tool.

The full request for proposals gives more detail of the requirements for each area.  Due to the specialist nature of each workpackage, we envisage each package being completed by different consultants.    Proposals should be sent to by 26th May 2017.