From time to time, REFEDS will publish standards and specifications to support its community. The following lists all the approved specifications by REFEDS at this point in time.  Federation Operators, Entities, and eInfrastructures may also be interested in the specifications supported by AEGIS and the AARC project.

If you believe that an entity or federation is inappropriately or incorrectly using a REFEDS specification, we encourage you to first raise this with the organisation in question.  If the behaviour persists, you can raise an issue for adjudication by the REFEDS Steering Committee via this contact.


specification name type URI doi supporting material
Research and Scholarship (R&S) v1.3 Entity Category   DOI
Hide From Discovery v.1 Entity Category DOI
Anonymous Access v.2 Entity Category DOI
Pseudonymous Access v.2 Entity Category DOI
Personalized Access v.2 Entity Category DOI
MFA Profile v.1.2 Profile DOI
SFA Profile v.1 Profile https://refeds/org/profile/sfa DOI
Security Contact Metadata Extension DOI
Sirtfi v1 & v2 Entity Attribute

Error Handling v.1 Profile DOI
Baseline Expectations v.1 Framework DOI
Assurance v.2 Framework DOI
Code of Conduct v.2 Entity Category and Best Practice DOI


Internet2 MACE Directory Working Group (archived copy)