REFEDS welcomes all those with an interest in identity federations to attend its meetings and contribute to the efforts of the group – you don’t need to be running a federation, you just need an enthusiasm for improving the way federated identity works.  You can be as involved as you like – simply watch the list or sign up to one of our working groups for more active participation. Current REFEDS participants include federation operators, education institutions, commercial service providers, providers of identity solutions and policy advisors.

The work of REFEDS is prioritised by the REFEDS Steering Committee based on the requirements of REFEDS participants.

All participants are invited to contribute to the direction of REFEDS via regular polls – you do not need to be a sponsor to help us define our direction, although we do ask you to read and consent to our IPR policy.

REFEDS work is divided in to workpackages, each led by a member of the REFEDS community.

Workplan 2016

The approved workplan for 2016 with the relative budget is available: 2016 REFEDS Workplan. The live working plan can be found on the wiki. The list of the work items is reported below.

  1. REFEDS Coordination and Management.
    AIM: to progress REFEDS position as an important player within the access and identity management space internationally and to build on established relationships with GÉANT project, ISOC and Kantara.
  2. Specialist Working Groups.
    AIM: to provide infrastructure and support for evolving ideas and areas in the REFEDS community.  REFEDS currently supports the following FOG, OIDC(re), SIRTFI, ORCID, IoLR. For more information please see the REFEDs wiki.
  3. Promotion and Communication.
    AIM:to provide materials and support mechanisms to help federations promote effective approaches to IdPs and SPs and to provide feedback on documents produced by other groups to support clarity of message.
  4. Standards and Specifications.
    AIM: to provide support for existing REFEDS pilots as well as for the new ones and to define a lightweight process for federation operators to work together on incident response management.
  5. REFEDS Services.
    AIM: to pilot FedLab as a tool for research and education federations, to continue using MET and enhance where possible and to move REEP into full service with pilots.

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