Anyone is welcome to join REFEDS! Participant status is achieved by signing up to the REFEDS mailing list. You can expect to find a lively and vocal discussion group. You will also have the chance to vote on REFEDS work areas via the REFEDS polls and are welcome to attend the REFEDS face-to-face meetings, which happen twice a year.

Mailing Lists

The REFEDS list exists as a place for anyone with an interest in federations to ask questions, pose problems and raise interesting issues – it is certainly not only about managing REFEDS business, although the list will keep you up to date on upcoming meetings, events, and votes.

The archives of the REFEDS mailing list are publicly available. This is a useful resource if you want to search for issues that have previously been discussed by REFEDS, or to catch up on meetings and votes.

You may also like to join one of the specific REFEDS Working Group or service lists. These are:

  • FOG: Federation Operators Group. This is a closed list for people directly involved in operating a federation only.
  • REEP. This is a list for questions relating to the REEP service.
  • REFEDS Attribute Release. This is an open group for discussions around attribute release, including the Code of Conduct work.
  • SIRTFI. This is the working group for all discussions related to the SIRTFI framework.

Participant’s Agreement

We ask all our participants to agree to the ‘REFEDS Participants Agreement‘. This is a lightweight participant’s agreement that defines the way in which REFEDS operates. By participating in REFEDS activities, you automatically agree to abide by these rules.

REFEDS Steering Committee

The REFEDS Steering Committee consists of six members, who are appointed for a two-year term of office. The current members are:

  • Thomas Bärecke (SWiTCH)
  • Pål Axelsson (SUNET)
  • Maarten Kremers (SURF)
  • Heath Marks (AAF)
  • Rhys Smith (Jisc)
  • Albert Wu (Internet2)