Through its annual workplan, REFEDS has developed a series of live and pilot tools that are openly available for use.

  • The Discovery Guide is comprehensive set of guidelines and toolkit to improve user experience of federated access to online services.The toolkit and guidelines define standard practices for the use and presentation of logos and error messages on login pages and help Service Providers understand the business model for improving the user experience.
  • REEP is the REFEDS repository for ‘end point entities’ – metadata from organisations that is used by identity federations. Research and Education federations are invited to consume entity data directly from REEP, rather than collecting on an individual basis direct from customers.
  • MET. The REFEDS Metadata Explorer Tool is a convenient way to explore information about participants in identity federations and interfederation agreements internationally.
  • Entity Categories. REFEDS defines a set of core Entity Categories that can be used by Federations to help IdPs and SPs release personal information in appropriate ways. The following categories have been defined: