voPerson is both a set of recommendations and an LDAP attribute schema (object class), intended to provide a common reference point for attribute management within a Virtual Organization (VO)1. The primary goal is to provide a common deployment model to facilitate application integration within the organization. Although the primary audience is virtual organizations, this object class may be useful for others as well.

voPerson is expected to be used alongside the eduPerson object class, which in turn is expected to be used alongside person, organizationalPerson, and inetOrgPerson object classes. This document includes recommendations for the usage of select attributes from these object classes.

voPerson makes use of attribute options, a formal part of the LDAP specification (RFC 4512 §2.5) not widely used. Attribute options can provide metadata about values for the attribute. It may be necessary to configure the directory server to deliver attribute options. Attribute options are sometimes called tagging options or attribute description options.

The most recent versions of this schema may be found here.

1A VO is an organization that includes members whose identity information is obtained from multiple sources, at least one of which is external to the organization. The organization may or may not be a legal entity.