Author: Jule Ziegler

Regular REFEDS Assurance Working Group Calls have been picked up again!

Around 1.5 years have passed now since the two REFEDS specifications, the REFEDS Assurance Framework (RAF) and the Single-Factor Authentication Profile (SFA), successfully went through a public consultation and were published together with the Multi-Factor Authentication Profile (MFA) as a common set of specifications named REFEDS Assurance Suite.

The REFEDS Assurance Working Group was initially formed under Mikael Linden with the goal to establish a common and lightweight set of criteria for federations and infrastructures covering minimal requirements on the management of identities and authentications being performed. Besides the ongoing outreach efforts, which are currently much more challenging in times of COVID-19, topics like how to track the usage of RAF/SFA/MFA were now added to the roadmap. The Working Group also collaborates closely with NRENs to discuss issues such as how to support authentication profiles within Microsoft ADFS. The group also engages with other working groups like the InCommon CTAB, where discussions around the need for guidance on how to react if MFA cannot be delivered or more is delivered than needed are also taking place.

The Assurance WG has now with Jule Ziegler as new chair picked up regular calls again, occurring every second week. They take place in odd calendar weeks, Thursdays from 16:00-17:00 CEST.

If you are interested in our assurance related topics and want to become a member of the Assurance WG please check our mailing list or our slack channel within the eduGAIN space ( #assurance).