The 43rd REFEDS Meeting will take place online on the 30th September (15:00 UTC), the week before the Internet2 CAMP / ACAMP meetings. Registration is open for both events.

Meeting Recording.


17:00 – 17:10 Quick welcome and get settled Nicole Harris and Heather Flanagan
17:10 – 18:00

Introducing the REFEDS Strategy

The REFEDS Steering Committee has been working on the very first Strategic Plan for REFEDS.  This plan will help define REFEDS core role and values.  Nicole will introduce the proposed document before its community consultation.

Nicole Harris
18:00 – 18:05 QUICK BREAK  
18:05 – 19:00

R&S 2.0 / Personalisation Entity Category

The Entity Category Development Working Group has put in significant work to define a “new” version of the R&S entity category.  The proposed development represents a significant step-change – what are the implications?

Heather Flanagan
19:00 – 19:05 QUICK BREAK  
19:05 – 20:00

Managing Identifer Migrations

There is a well-recognised need to migrate from existing SAML Identifiers (such as eduPersonTargetedID) towards newer approaches such as samlPairwiseID and subject-id.  Any community migration will have a significant impact for Service Providers – how can we work together on planning migration approaches that cause the least disruption>

Nicole Harris