The first REFEDS T&I Hackathon was a great success, thanks to the 30 participants to the event. We had participants from as far away as Uganda and Malaysia, as well as participants from around the EU and the US. Each project made progress in the form of pull requests, bug reports, and even proving a problem … wasn’t actually a problem!

T&I Hackathon in full swing at NTW2019

At the end of the day, the participants reported out on the activities at their table:

  • Developing tools for an OIDC Federation
    • The event worked well. It was highly beneficial to meet in person, as it makes further development easier. 
    • Participants changed some of the specification, and discussed next steps (fund and maintain software).
    • See: (the bleeding-edge version of the OIDC fed draft) and (Roland Hedberg’s Python implementation of the draft)
  • COmanage enhancements
  • Satosa microservices
    • Two new PRs were submitted during the day, and a third expected. They looked at some problems with the endpoints generated by Satosa, and how Satosa uses pySAML2 to fetch metadata.
    • See:
  • IdP Discovery and 
    • Worked through using the persistence service for SeamlessAccess and found many things to update in the documentation. By the end of the day, the SP developers present had retrieval working well; still working on writing to the browser local storage. The group identified where new, separate documentation for the service for persistence is required.
    • The second table focused on other parts of the code base, and “fixed some bugs, got some PRs.”
    • See: and
  • Handling metadata
    • In particular, they looked at the efficient distribution of metadata (not MDQ).
    • Ended up saying “we don’t have a problem, because the amount of metadata is actually so small, we just have to minimize the time to update it in eduGAIN and within the federations”. The problem we do have can be solved by changing timing. 
  • WebAuthn

Our next T&I Hackathon will be held on 10-11 December 2019 at the Internet2 Technology Exchange in New Orleans. Registration to TechEx is required to participate in the Hackathon.