Christmas Unicorn by Kirinqueen, licensed as CC Attribute-ShareAlike on Flickr

Christmas Unicorn by Kirinqueen, licensed as CC Attribute-ShareAlike on flickr

Licia and I would like to say a very Merry Christmas to everyone who has been involved in REFEDS work in 2013.  It’s been a very busy year and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all that has been done without the hard work of our community.  We feel very lucky to have such a dedicated set of people to work with.

I gave a full “year in review” update at the REFEDS meeting in San Francisco so I won’t repeat it here – please do go take a look at the presentation and all the other contributions to that meeting if you’d like to know more about what we have been up to.
I would like to say some very particular thank yous to all the people who have helped us move the programme on this year:

  • to our lovely Steering Committee for all of their sound advice – Andrew, Ken, Mehdi, Miro, Thomas, Valter….thank you!
  • to Peter Schober for setting up and steering the FOG list, which is proving to be a really valuable resource for the community.
  • to Ian Young, for his herculean efforts in getting the Metadata Query Protocol documentation in to shape.
  • to Mikael Linden for his ongoing work on the Code of Conduct.
  • to Leif Johansson for all his work on REEP and a steady flow of ideas, thoughts, challenges and input throughout the year.
  • to everyone who contributed to shaping the R&S Entity Category – particularly Tom Scavo and other US colleagues for helping us learn from their experiences.
  • and of course to our sponsors, who make all this possible.

Licia and I are pulling the end of year report together and a workplan proposal for 2014 – it’s not too late to contribute your ideas here and show your support for ideas proposed by other people.   We will also be approaching sponsors once more in the new year about ongoing funding – if you are interested in being a new sponsor for 2014 please do let us know.

I hope everyone has a great break over the festive period, and we look forward to working with you all again in the New Year!