by Terry Smith, AAF

At the APAN43 meeting at the Habitat Center in New Delia, India the APAN IAM Task Force provided a one day IAM Training event (40+ participants from 10 economic regions). The training event was enhanced by the use of 10 IAM/Federation videos created by the Network Start-up Resource Centre (NSRC) and the Research and Education FEDerations group (REFEDS) and featuring Nicole and Heather. There where many requests for the videos and training content from the participants. It is hoped that they will be viewed widely across the APAN region.

Attendees at the IAM Working Group, APAN43

The APAN IAM Working Group meet for a day of presentations and discussion on eduroam, federation updates, tools and resources for new federations, eduGAIN concluding with us identifying a range of activities for the next 6 months.

The following activities where identified;

  • eduroam operators to provide deployment details to populate to global map eduroam access points.
  • The creation and maintenance of maps of federations uptake across the region. Maps of the current uptake are shown below
  • Refresh the content on the APAN IAM area of the APAN web site.
  • Improve federated login to the APAN web site.
  • Create a short high-level presentation (10 minutes) for presenting to other working groups at APAN and beyond.
  • Work with the APAN Fellowship program to encourage fellow interested in Identity and Access management and federations.
  • Encourage more presentations on local IAM activities within the region.
  • Increase the use of the email list to increase collaboration.

Current uptake of identity services in the APAN region

At the conclusion of the working group meeting Brook Schofield chaired the eduGAIN steering committee and the Indian (INFED) and South African (SAFIRE) were presented as candidates to join eduGAIN.  Both federations have now been successfully welcomed to eduGAIN.

At the closing session of APAN43 it was highlighted that there is still much work to do to get federations across the region as highlighted by the uptake maps.

The next meeting, APAN44 will be held in Dalian, China August 2017.