The body of knowledge available for people coming into the identity management space is set to grow just a bit more. This past week, Nicole Harris and Heather Flanagan recorded a series of videos on campus and federated identity, thanks to the kind support of the Network Startup Resource Center in Eugene, Oregon.

Andy Kirkpatrick sets up the teleprompter
Creating slides, scripts, and then standing in front of a teleprompter turned out to be a challenging experience. You can perhaps imagine the outtakes, as words were stumbled over, scripts proved to need revision, and one’s video partner started doing interpretive dance behind the camera during a recording. But by the end of the week, ten videos were recorded:
  • Introduction to Identity on Campus.
  • Introduction to Identity Federations.
  • Identity Federation for Service Providers.
  • Identity and the Campus Network.
  • eduroam and Identity Services.
  • Defining Users.
  • Identity and Cloud Services.
  • Identity and Access Management and Researchers.
  • Risk Management and Identity.
  • Value Proposition and Business Models.
It will take a few weeks to prepare the videos, as Andrew Kirkpatrick at the NSRC cleans up the sound bites and adds the slides to the video. After that, translations will be created, probably using subtitles, to make the material more consumable to a broader audience.
We hope the videos will be particularly useful to organizations in the Asian and African regions. Of course, any organization exploring how to advance their campus identity systems and participate in identity federations may find value as well.