REFEDS Meeting, Maastricht – 2nd June 2013

Meeting Information, Venue and Hotels

The meeting was held in conjunction with TNC2013. For more information, please visit the TNC2013 website.

The list of attendees is online.

The minutes of the meeting are available.

Meeting Agenda – morning

  • Welcome, agenda bashing and Report on REF1 REFEDS Coordination and Outreach – Licia Florio (slides)
  • Update on the RFC recommendations – Nicole Harris (slides)
  • REF2-13: Defining baseline assurance within federations
    International Code of Conduct – Mikael Linden (slides)
  • REF2-13: Defining baseline assurance within federations
    – Entity Categories as certification marks – Ken Klingenstein (slides)
  • Defining baseline assurance within federations
    LOA for research and education federations – Nicole Harris (slides)

Meeting Agenda – afternoon

  • REF3-13 Engaging with eResearch
    FIM4R Paper and outcomes – Licia Florio (slides)
  • REF4-13 Understanding and improving metadata flow
    REEP update – Leif (slides)
    MET update – Nicole Harris (slides)
  • Community Update: Shibboleth Consortium – Christoph Witzig (slides)

Meeting Agenda – open agenda

  • Federation as a Service – Marina Vermezovic (slides)
  • Perun – Michal Prochazka (slides)
  • SAML Test Harness project – Rainer Horbe
  • SUNET Update: pyFF and student-IdP project- Leif Johansson (slides)
  • Federation Operators Forum- Peter Schober and Olivier Salaün (slides)
  • Update on NSTIC – Ken Klingenstein (slides)