REFEDS Meeting, Utrecht – 5th September 2012

Meeting Information, Venue and Hotels

The REFEDS Fall Meeting 2012 took place in Utrecht, Netherlands in conjunction with the SURFnet / Internet2 VAMP meeting.

The live stream for the meeting can be found here.

The minutes of the meeting are available here.

Meeting Agenda

DRAFT AGENDA: Start time 09.30 – End Time 17.00 Welcome and REFEDS Updates (45 minutes)

  • Agenda bashing (Licia Florio)
  • Last meeting minutes approval and related actions (Licia Florio)
  • Reports, budget and next meetings (Licia Florio)
  • REFEDS and RFC: Progress on Individual Stream and Steering Committee Processes (Leif Johanson and Heather Flanagan)

REFEDS Workplan Presentation (45 minutes)

  • REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use
    – Discovery project (Nicole Harris) (no slides)

11.30 – 11:45 Break

REFEDS Workplan Presentation

12:30 – 13:15 Lunch

REFEDS Workplan Presentation (45 minutes)

  • REF5 Inter-federation (50 min)
    – PEER service development

Working with New Communities (60 minutes)

15:00 – 15.30 Break

Updates and Future Planning


  • Macedir / Entity Categories and relationship (KJK)
  • Levels of Assurance / InCommon Silver (KJK)
  • Contracts (KJK)
  • Federation operator best practice/reference model (BS / LJ)
  • What does the metadata signature mean? Do we interpret the signature the same way? (LJ)
  • Service Provider liaison in an interfederation environment (NH)
  • SLO – moving forward. (CP)
  • Formally define an ‘IdP of Last Resort’ appliance (CP)